Momentum Watches by St. Moritz Watch Corporation

Narwhal Rubber White
Narwhal Rubber White

About Momentum

St. Moritz Watch Corp. designs, assembles and services high quality sports watches under the MOMENTUM® brand. As life becomes more active and a more casual style becomes the norm, our straightforward designs, with outstanding waterproof performance and no-BS pricing, resonate more and more with active people everywhere.

Everybody wants the next big thing.

Even us. But trends can be fleeting and, as a watch company, we know that real value is timeless, so we sweat the details, avoiding fads and focusing on quality, functionality and style. We have been doing this since 1980.

We do things our way.

We want you to wear our stuff for a long time, and look good doing it, whether you are working hard or playing harder. It’s got to work like it should and be worth making in the first place.


It’s a passion.

That’s why we still assemble by hand, right here at home. At our base in Vancouver, Canada, we live beside the ocean, up against the mountains, where we test our watches every day, diving, cycling, wakeboarding, paddling, climbing, hiking, skiing and more…

No shortcuts.

No games. Quality you can count on, without the prestige price.
Thanks for letting us be part of your next adventure, with a Momentum watch on your wrist.


These watches are amazing and so affordable we are very excited to have them available to our customers. Screw down crowns placed in specific areas so they don’t dig into your hands while doing activities. They have thought of it all, come check out our selection at our West Kelowna store and be blown away!


Never worry about going into our lovely lake with your watch on again! See our online selection or come in and check them out!

Mini Rubber Aqua
Mini Rubber Aqua
Momentum Night Vision Rubber
Momentum Night Vision Rubber


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