Custom Design Jewellery

Singular, unique pieces crafted with your vision in mind

Individuality is epic. Celebrate uniqueness with something all your own. Let us help you transform your vision into reality with our custom jewellery. Experience the process of jewellery creation as our designing specialist harnesses CAD Design programming that constructs a rough pencil sketch into a three-dimensional image, which is then hand-carved in wax for your approval. From here, our talented goldsmiths cast your one of a kind design into a wearable piece of art.

The custom design experience

Custom design offers thrilling process with gorgeous results. It’s a journey you will remember for years to come. But before you get started with a custom jewellery design, you may have some questions about the people and resources involved. At JK Schmidt Jewellers, we want you to feel confident at every step in the process. You are welcome to speak with a customer care representative by phone or email. Here are some of the commonly asked questions we encounter about custom design jewellery.

How much does custom jewellery design cost?

The price is based on the hours of labour, the intricacies of the design, and the amount and quality of material used. Since there are no two custom projects the same, there is no set price for this service. We provide quotes at no charge so that you are well informed about what your custom design jewellery will cost.

Do I need an appointment to discuss a possible project?

We do recommend calling ahead to make an appointment to discuss your dream piece of jewellery. Call to speak with customer care representative at 250-768-7353.

Can I recycle old gold jewellery to use for my new design?

Old gold becomes brittle and pitted when reworked, and can contain solder and impurities, so we wouldn’t recommend it, unless it is from a nugget pendant, which we can assess for use. However, we are happy to take your gold in for ‘scrap value’ to use as credit towards your new design.

Check out a few of our designs below:


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 IMG_0034 IMG_0059   IMG_0062  
 IMG_0109  IMG_0031